Fools Gold- my new category

You’re probably wondering why? In my room in front of my desk is a large poster of Bande a Part. It’s from the BFI re-release and Godard based the story on Dolores Hitchens novel Fools Gold.
Well, Fools Gold is my general category about things in, you’ve guessed it- general!


On my way to meet Walter Murch, where he was conducting a ten day workshop at the Film & Television Institute (FTII) here’s what was in front of our car.
Amazing what one comes across in Bombay. The city has this crazy energy which most filmmakers seem to ignore.

Garbage Bollywood style.JPG

Live Free or Die

The state of New Hampshire has this line on all car number plates; Live Free or Die.
I could never forget that or get over it.
Sure, the best things in life are free. But what am I getting at?

Here is some great free software for the Mac.

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