Music download in Asia

Last week I picked up several CD’s at Rs.295 each. That’s about $6.5 at the current rate. That’s a great bargain from the earlier prices of Rs 575 and upwards. But it still feels steep. Suresh Thomas the head of BMG-Crescendo and now Crescendo agrees. “The price will never be right. The Indian consumer finds Rs 200 for a CD way too high. Preferring to spend Rs 30 for an MP3 CD which holds some 100 odd tracks.”

In this scenario will a download service like iTunes work in India or Asia?
For one I find the prices in US and Uk still too steep. I’d rather walk into a store and pick up a CD with uncompressed audio for less.

Better quality, better sound and of course cheaper.

Where will downloads win?

I guess in back catalogues, out of issue music and independent labels and small groups which are hard to find.

Where else would you find Alms for Shanti