Getting Organized

The other day I walked into my room which has become every-man’s nightmare or hey, a technogeeks dream.
Avid editing system, Old CRT displays, Bose Roommates, Anchor AN 100 Pro Speakers, 35mm Negatives, 35mm release prints, Books, Files, Scripts, Newspaper cuttings, reviews, B.C. Sanyal’s watercolor Paintings, Godard’s Bande a Part poster, empty FeDex boxes, Avid Hard drives, Old PowerMac CPU’s…

The room is about 12ft by 9ft with a window which has a great view.

I decided it was time to address the drawers and files. I don’t quite remember how but some email link got me to check out David Allen’s Getting Things Done. A couple of phone calls and Crossword had it delivered at my office. I read it in one straight sitting and got a bit obsessive over the next few days. Google searches, how to get it work on OSX, iApps, the works. Even made a small Keynote presentation for the rest of the team at work.

I’m not going into details as there’s tons of stuff on the forum and other websites.

But in sum- It works!

Here’s my inbox: ZERO MAIL!!


Of course some people keep ALL their mail in the inbox. With’s threading and color coding of messages it is another way of looking and sorting stuff.

GTD (as I discovered it’s known as!) reminds me of the years I used to use Time Manager’s planner. It has a similar implementation of Calendar, Tasks or Actions and a Project Section, Notes, Addresses and a Reference Section.

I still have both mine (a personal size and the A5 size) tucked away safely. For one reason; during film-production all digital and tech stuff fails. The one thing that works wonders is paper and pencil!

But check out the book.