Grave Obsession

Hidden between a row of shanties and the suburban railway line is the Jewish Cemetery. I went here as part of the location “recce” for my new film Stairway to Heaven with Jehangir Sorabjee. Jehangir has been taking some exceptional Black & White photographs of cemeteries all over the world.
They should be available for sale on his website soon.
Oh did I mention, he’s one of Bombay’s outstanding doctors as well.
A doctor with a passion for cemeteries. Now there’s a film in that!
The tomb raiders paused as we took photographs. Sandwiched between Chinchpokli station and the land grabbing high rises don’t expect this cemetery to last long.
It’s like the vanishing Jewish community of Bombay.


The B&W photograph was taken with my trusted Nikon FM2 while the color one was on the Nikon Coolpix 4300.