You’ve got to hand it to Apple. Shuffle is cool.
shuffleWhere else can you hear the Funk Brothers followed immediately by Air on G String and then All India Radio!
The iPod updater adds all the cool stuff to your old ancient iPod as well.
And I’m rediscovering the 2000 songs I have.

Radio On

On of my favorite films: much misunderstood is the moody Black & White jewel Radio On. It haunted me when I saw it first on screen at the Indian International Film Festival, Bangalore, 1980

I didn’t realise that years later I would cross paths with Chris Petit. More on that remarkable director and writer in another blog.
But in the meanwhile here’s something from the Guardian.
More about Radio On

In British cinema history, Chris Petit’s gloomily beautiful road movie Radio On stands alone. There is no other movie like it in the national canon.

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