Actor’s Workshop

Here’s a glimpse of the place where the 12 week actors workshop begins for my new movie.
Watch out for some sneak peeks here!
We’re cleaning up and getting ready for an exciting journey.

Shuffle strangeness

For all that talk about the algorithm the Shuffle mode has and how it can sense your state of mind, yesterday was Shuffle strangeness. The three times I began listening to music I heard a Cat Stevens song twice over. That’s Cat times 6 and I’m not even a Cat Steven’s fan.

Vision 2

I’m looking forward to testing the new Kodak Vision 2 negative. Kodak’s Shankar Datta and Rajesh Jiandani sent in the 250D and the 500T. I’ve shortlisted these for the new feature I’m doing. The Vision2 500T is an interesting one as we may do a DI on that film. For the first film we may eventually look at shooting on the 250D or even the 100T or the EXR 50D as we may be filming in the middle of summer in very harsh light conditions. But more on this in due course of time.