Road, Movie book

There’ll be an accompanying book to Road, Movie with the same title. It’ll have photographs of your research trip. The big question looming now is: should I go digital or stay analog.

The jury is still out over whether to shoot for a book using the Nikon D70 or a Nikon with Kodak 35mm negative. I have my old Nikon FM2 with some really good lenses and a Nikon F80 with the bundle of lenses that came with it. That’s two bodies and four lenses.

Looks like I might stay with that, shoot negative and get Comart to do a drum scan of them.

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Road, Movie

That’s the working title of our next film. Keep your eyes peeled. In the next few weeks you’ll see some photographs and more information about it.

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Prabhat of Inventiv has just installed WordPress for us. I’m trying to see how this will work for your updates. This is my first blog using Mars Edit from Ranchero the same guys who make NetNewswWire.

For some reason ecto did not work so I’m trying this out. Of course WP also allows one to post entries while logged in via the web.

The Kubrik theme drew me to this, plus it’s free. But I do miss iBlog Sarat’s excellent implementation of a blogging app.

Zubin Mehta Conducts

Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orchestra performed at the Jamshed Bhabha theatre April 8,9,10. On the 9th they played a stunning Dvorak with Mstislav Rostopovitch while the 10th was exclusively Beethoven with Julian Rachlin on the violin.

The sound in the Jamshed Bhabha is incredible and the ability to hear instruments without any amplifincation or microphones makes this all the more special. I don’t know why Indian Classical musicians insist on low quality mics and very bad amplification. It would be a treat to hear their natural voices and sounds.

Egmont Overture Op84, Violin Concerto in D major op 61, followed by Symphony 7 in A Major. Rachlin’s encore was a virtuoso piece by Eliah while Mehta’s encore was from Puccini’s opera Tosca di Giacomo. Puccini was very Hollywood 30’s lush, grand and very sweet.