One of my passions is Calligraphy. The legendary cameraman Subrata Mitra sent me two calligraphy pens he got hand made for me at the Calcutta Book Fair. They have a dual nib and are handcrafted. We were both obsessed about broad nibs. the broader the better!
They are fairly basic, don’t have a cartridge, you either fill the back with ink and pray that it doesn’t spill or dip the nibs in a bowl of ink.

They write beautifully and are inexpensive. Or at-least when Subrata-da got them made for me.
Well now they are priceless.

handmade pen 2.JPG handmade pen.JPG

emotional toolbox

Laurie Hutzler (professor of screenwriting at UCLA and a world renowned screenplay consultant- was one of our advisors at the eQuinoxe Workshop. All my fellow participants were raving about her sessions. Laurie wasn’t one of my assigned advisors and hearing what the others had to say I told her I was feeling ‘left out!’


I did get to meet her a few days ago in London. We had a wonderful coffee and a relaxed chat in Soho, where we spoke about the ways of writing screenplays and the narrative traditions of Indian cinema.

Just before we were leaving she asked me if I had time and would I like to do a small bit of her session in eQuinoxe. I jumped at it and what followed was amazing. Laurie has a way of looking at your character by exploring the writers self. All I can say was it worked for me.
My first question after we finished was if she was writing a book. I’m happy to let you know that she is. I’ve booked my advance copy!
In the meanwhile please do visit Laurie’s website

For me it was truly emotional!


The writers lab has been intense. I’ve not had a moment to blog but have been making some notes. Stay posted for details.