Compact Camera: the search ends!

My search for a compact camera ends…
Here’s the entire tale from analog to digital.

My first camera was the Olympus XA. It was and is a dream compact camera. The favourite compact camera of Subrata Mitra and mine, I got this when I had passed out of Modern School, Barakhamba Road (New Delhi) in 1977. Later I found a complete service manual for the XA which I presented to Subrata-da. Now there’s a great website all about the XA.
A few years later, in 1980 I got the Nikon FM. I still have it and it works like a dream. It’s never been for repairs, never had a mirror lockup and I rarely use the built in meter. When I do it’s amazingly accurate. Much better than Nikon’s famous matrix metering they introduced out in camera’s later.
The Olympus got rusted in the severe Bombay weather and I began looking for a replacement compact camera. Naturally it would be digital and all eyes fell on the Nikon. I tried the Nikon 4300 (too slow but did TIFF’s) the Nikon 7900 (not enough manual controls and still slow) the Casio Exilim Z750 (images not good enough) the Canon A95 (great images, manual controls but rangefinder style meant I could not slip it into my pocket) and the Canon Ixus 700.

Well after a long search and a lot of thought I finally took the plunge and got the Canon Ixus 700.
Canon Ixus700
At this point I’m loving every minute of it and I think it’ll make a great companion to the Nikon D70s which looks like it will finally take the place of my beloved Nikon FM.
Nikon D70s