Internet Time Travel

I’m not sure what the title of this post should be but it’s ‘just one of those things!’

I’m listening to a Jazz radio station from Paris TSF Jazz ( while in London writing the script for my next feature. They are playing Cole Porters Night & Day.

I’m suddenly reminded of a dinner in Delhi sometime in the 60’s where this record was playing. My mother came rushing up to me and asked me to switch “that” song off. When I asked why I was told a story which has remained with me.

Over the years I wasn’t sure whether I was imagining the story or if it was true. So I decided on a whim to, you guessed it; Google!

Here’s what I found.

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It’s been less than 60 days since I bought my Canon Ixus 700 and a new version has been announced. The moment one buys something be prepared that it’s already outdated. Why don’t I feel that with my Nikon FM2?

As Cartier Bresson said, it’s the moment that matters!
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Non Linear Editing

What’s an ideal portable feature film editing solution? Can one edit an entire feature on say a Mac Mini with some external drives?
I posed this question to my friend, editor and fellow Mac head Neil Sadwelkar. This post will have our conversation. Neil hosts an excellent website devoted to non linear editing.

Yes I’ve been thinking along those lines too. However, now after experiencing feature editing in FCP, I’ve found that for features and long films particularly, a more beefier processor and RAM is a must.

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More Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse just rocks! I’ve programmed the scroll wheel to be button 3 and the squeeze buttons to launch Deja Menu so I get the entire app menu anywhere, NeXt style ;-)

Playing on iTunes Inchana Massina from the album “The Source” by Ali Farka Toure