Mighty Mouse

Robert Ellis is to blame for this. In his excellent weblog he recommended the Mighty Mouse.
I completed my screenplay for Road, Movie and as a weekend impulse purchase went to the Apple Store Regent Street and indulged.

The verdict: there are no two ways. If you use a two button mouse (which I do) then this just surpasses them all. The scroll wheel is fabulous and within seconds I got the hang of it. Far, far better than the scroll wheel on my Microsoft Optical mouse. The horizontal scroll is something I longed for and use on my track-pad via Sidetrack .

The right click “button” just works. The simplicity and elegance of this design (there is no second button) makes me wonder why no one thought of this earler. You just don’t need another button. Click on the right side and voila the control-click menu pops up. What makes it even better is that it works in all my apps especially Movie Magic Screenwriter my preferred screenwriting application which I use everyday.

IMG_0303.JPGThe Box, The Bag & The Screenplay
IMG_0307.JPGThe Mouse
IMG_0309.JPGNext to my Microsoft Scroll wheel Optical Mouse