Non Linear Editing 2006

Neil Sadwelkar has sent me a comment which I’m posting for those of you who may be following the debate on film editing.

bq. Most of what I’d written about system spec needed for feature editing on small machines still holds – yesterday’s announcement on new Intel Macs notwithstanding.

bq. Meaning, sometime now we’re going to see Intel Macminis as well. So the question would be. Now that Macs are Intel and hence many times faster, can we do feature editing on Intel Minis or MacBooks?

bq. The answer in the short term seems to still be a “No”. That’s because FCP is not yet Intel native, so its going to run via some emulation that probably makes it slower than on existing PowerPC mased Macs. Rosetta or something they call it. But come March, we’ll be able to trade in our existing FCP DVDs and get a Intel native FCP for just $ 50. That should do the trick.

bq. So I guess when all this software porting thing settles down, by about March ’06 I think I’ll be able to ‘qualify’ an FCP system to run on a MacBook and do an entire feature on it.

bq. I’ll have begun editing a feature by then, so, if some kind soul from Apple or something loans me a MacBook or an iMac, I’ll sure put it through the grinds of a real feature edit, so by July I should be able to say “It works … I’ve done it!”

*Any takers?*