The weblog posts are getting erratic. A clear sign that there is work in progress!

I am becoming impatient about the English, August DVD as all of you must be. The new twist in the tail is that most people have asked for a commentary track as well. The plan is to record one with Rahul Bose and include that in the DVD as well. Rahul has time free in November so that’s when we’ll head into the studios.

The 30fps and 24fps audio issues which were delaying the NTSC DVD of English, August have now been resolved by a speedy intervention from the guru of sound Vikram Joglekar also called The Don by his friends, colleagues and disciples.

There’s an interesting history to this and in a line, when Vikram left the shores of India for Italy to head Dolby Labs Italian and European operations he was re-christened The Don.

I met up with him in Rome while attending the First Rome International Film festival with my movie project Road, Movie.

So when will the DVD be out? I’d say Jan-Feb 2007 for sure and this time for download as well on Amazon Unbox, iTunes, Google Video as well as on DVD.

I’m holding my breath!