A film which was an exploration for the tone of “Road, Movie”.

Unsteady Cam

Paul Greengrass writes that his Bourne Ultimatum is about “truth and essence” and not “surface.”
There’s a huge argument raging in forums about the style he adopts to achieve this. David Bordwell calls this an extreme hand held style. He has an excellent article on this in his weblog which I’d urge you to read.

Bloody Sunday was an excellent film. I saw it at the New York Film Festival and and was blown away by what he accomplished. I think Greengrass does have a point and looking back at his work I think he makes a strong case.

The trouble is everyone is copying this style without even thinking once whether it really belongs in their movie. Even the respected director Mani Ratnam uses it in Guru- his Bollywood fantasy tale of the rags to riches story of the Indian entrepreneur turned uber-industrialist Dhiru-bhai Ambani.

it makes me wonder.

At work

I’m writing my new script. My room at tree top level is a haven in heaven.
No blogging or worldly contact for a while.

My weapons of choice:

Apple Pages 08. Absolutely in love with it. Notes. General Thoughts.
Scrivener. Keith Blount’s beta version was excellent. Excellent full screen mode.
I’m trying it out on this project. Great for Character Notes. Scenes.
MacJournal: Great for storing clippings and reading material.
Screenwriter. Really fast and stable. Awful DOS like interface but light years better than the new one.

Someone time soon I will try to narrow this down to two apps.

Screenwriter 6 interface insanity

I am depressed.
I was looking forward to the new Screenwriter 6 and a Universal Binary.
But one look at the screenshots have made me leap for the air sickness bag.
What on earth were the programmers smoking when they designed this one?
The New Movie Magic Screenwriter

Just take a look on their website.

Screenwriter 6 madness

Air sickness bag on the double please.
Isn’t there someone out there who can design an elegant Screenplay app?