At work

I’m writing my new script. My room at tree top level is a haven in heaven.
No blogging or worldly contact for a while.

My weapons of choice:

Apple Pages 08. Absolutely in love with it. Notes. General Thoughts.
Scrivener. Keith Blount’s beta version was excellent. Excellent full screen mode.
I’m trying it out on this project. Great for Character Notes. Scenes.
MacJournal: Great for storing clippings and reading material.
Screenwriter. Really fast and stable. Awful DOS like interface but light years better than the new one.

Someone time soon I will try to narrow this down to two apps.

iPhone in India ?

Amidst rumors floating wildly that a consignment of iPhones had found it’s way to Delhi (hard to believe given Apple’s tight security) and subsequent news that the iPhone had in fact been unlocked (in, of all the places Palika Bazaar) I could not resist writing about what happened this evening.

I dropped into a cell phone store with the vague idea of dumping my Treo 680 and going back to the gold standard of Nokia. While browsing through some handsets- sim unlocked of course, a young man entered and began a conversation with the shop owner.

In Hindi it went somewhat like this:

Young Man: Have you that new phone by Apple?
Shop Owner ignores the young man.
YM: The Apple-wallah phone. The iPhone. It was launched in the US on June 29th.
Shop Owner acknowledges him but looks away.
YM (now restless): You’re not showing it to me.
SO: (speaking for the first time) Sir, USA has old technology. Why do you want to buy a phone from USA?
YM: But it’s the iPhone!
SO: Sir, trust me. They use CDMA it’s useless. They don’t use GSM.

I decide to chip in.

Me: It’s a quad band GSM. But it’s SIM locked. There are rumors that it has been unlocked in India.

My last words are drowned out in the young man’s excitement. He pleads again with the shop owner.
Shop owner now busies himself in other work. The Young Man gets restless and excited. He’s convinced the owner is not revealing all.

YM to SO: Why aren’t you showing me the handset?
The Shop Owner looks up at him. His face is blank. Young Man persists. He really wants an iPhone.
But beneath the excited exterior lies a seasoned shopper who knows how to negotiate these markets.

YM (quietly to the Owner): Shall I come back in a few days?
The Shop Owner looks at him and nods.
YM: In 3 or 4 days?
Shop Owner nods again.

A deal has been made. And this time I am, as they say gob-smacked.

Sure, I’ve heard anything can happen. But wow, can they actually unlock an iPhone? Or has it already been done?

I left empty handed clutching my Treo and beginning to think whether I should…

Non Linear Editing

What’s an ideal portable feature film editing solution? Can one edit an entire feature on say a Mac Mini with some external drives?
I posed this question to my friend, editor and fellow Mac head Neil Sadwelkar. This post will have our conversation. Neil hosts an excellent website devoted to non linear editing.

Yes I’ve been thinking along those lines too. However, now after experiencing feature editing in FCP, I’ve found that for features and long films particularly, a more beefier processor and RAM is a must.

Continue reading “Non Linear Editing”

More Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse just rocks! I’ve programmed the scroll wheel to be button 3 and the squeeze buttons to launch Deja Menu so I get the entire app menu anywhere, NeXt style ;-)

Playing on iTunes Inchana Massina from the album “The Source” by Ali Farka Toure

Visit to the Temple

My visits to New York and lately London begin with a visit to the temple, church, mosque call it what you want. It’s a perfect place to meditate, still your mind before you dive into life!

Here are some pictures I took ;-)



Playing on iTunes Wish You Were Here (Live) from the album “Wish You Were Here – EP” by Pink Floyd


Prabhat of Inventiv has just installed WordPress for us. I’m trying to see how this will work for your updates. This is my first blog using Mars Edit from Ranchero the same guys who make NetNewswWire.

For some reason ecto did not work so I’m trying this out. Of course WP also allows one to post entries while logged in via the web.

The Kubrik theme drew me to this, plus it’s free. But I do miss iBlog Sarat’s excellent implementation of a blogging app.

Shuffle strangeness

For all that talk about the algorithm the Shuffle mode has and how it can sense your state of mind, yesterday was Shuffle strangeness. The three times I began listening to music I heard a Cat Stevens song twice over. That’s Cat times 6 and I’m not even a Cat Steven’s fan.


You’ve got to hand it to Apple. Shuffle is cool.
shuffleWhere else can you hear the Funk Brothers followed immediately by Air on G String and then All India Radio!
The iPod updater adds all the cool stuff to your old ancient iPod as well.
And I’m rediscovering the 2000 songs I have.

Portal Peel

I’m reading about John Peel’s death on a newswire service connected via a wireless cell phone to the intenet.
What makes this uncanny is that I’m in the same room and the same table where I used to prop up a small short-wave radio some 30 years ago and listen to his show on BBC World Service.
The radio and John’s show was the portal to my world. I’m not sure I loved all the music but there was some strange stuff that I’m sure I would have never heard elsewhere.
Even in far away Delhi he had fans and his wry style was legendary.
What was that Indian thing about life being cyclical?