I’m Not Here…

It’s awfully considerate of you to think of me here
And I’m most obliged to you for making it clear
That I’m not here

Here is a link to Roger Waters’ and David Gilmour’s tributes to Syd Barrett.

Portal Peel

I’m reading about John Peel’s death on a newswire service connected via a wireless cell phone to the intenet.
What makes this uncanny is that I’m in the same room and the same table where I used to prop up a small short-wave radio some 30 years ago and listen to his show on BBC World Service.
The radio and John’s show was the portal to my world. I’m not sure I loved all the music but there was some strange stuff that I’m sure I would have never heard elsewhere.
Even in far away Delhi he had fans and his wry style was legendary.
What was that Indian thing about life being cyclical?

Getting Organized

The other day I walked into my room which has become every-man’s nightmare or hey, a technogeeks dream.
Avid editing system, Old CRT displays, Bose Roommates, Anchor AN 100 Pro Speakers, 35mm Negatives, 35mm release prints, Books, Files, Scripts, Newspaper cuttings, reviews, B.C. Sanyal’s watercolor Paintings, Godard’s Bande a Part poster, empty FeDex boxes, Avid Hard drives, Old PowerMac CPU’s…

The room is about 12ft by 9ft with a window which has a great view.

I decided it was time to address the drawers and files. I don’t quite remember how but some email link got me to check out David Allen’s Getting Things Done. A couple of phone calls and Crossword had it delivered at my office. I read it in one straight sitting and got a bit obsessive over the next few days. Google searches, how to get it work on OSX, iApps, the works. Even made a small Keynote presentation for the rest of the team at work.

I’m not going into details as there’s tons of stuff on the forum and other websites.

But in sum- It works!

Here’s my inbox: ZERO MAIL!!


Of course some people keep ALL their mail in the inbox. With Mail.app’s threading and color coding of messages it is another way of looking and sorting stuff.

GTD (as I discovered it’s known as!) reminds me of the years I used to use Time Manager’s planner. It has a similar implementation of Calendar, Tasks or Actions and a Project Section, Notes, Addresses and a Reference Section.

I still have both mine (a personal size and the A5 size) tucked away safely. For one reason; during film-production all digital and tech stuff fails. The one thing that works wonders is paper and pencil!

But check out the book.

What’s in a name?

Is this name thing a recurring theme? In English, August Agastya Sen who wishes he were English and his name August is harassed about his name. In Split Wide Open August’s country cousin KP is quizzed about his name Kut Price, in Ravan & Eddie the young boy is renamed and spends a good part of his time wondering about his name. In Stairway to Heaven the protagonist VJ prefers his shortened initialized name to what he’s been given. And the girl who becomes part of his life has no name. She’s just The Girl.

Whatever, as they say. Not quite I’d reply. They are part of this city; Bom Bahia, Boa Vida, Bombaim, Mombaim, Bombay, Mumbai call it what you want.

For me it will always be Bombay.

High Class Restaurant

When in Bombay do visit Britannia Restaurant in the Ballard estate district. Famous for it’s Berry Pulao and Lamb cutlets. Make sure you don’t eat for a week before.

Of course you won’t need to eat for a week after as well!

Very atmospheric interiors!

Oh, by the way if you are wondering: the photographs were taken with my ancient Nikon FM2, a Nikor 28mm lens on Kodak 100ASA film. The negatives were directly scanned by Mazda Color Lab in Bombay.

Plan B

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston’s company is called PLAN B.
But I think Will Smith has the best line on Plan B.
Applies especially to life:

No Plan B. It distracts from Plan A.

Music download in Asia

Last week I picked up several CD’s at Rs.295 each. That’s about $6.5 at the current rate. That’s a great bargain from the earlier prices of Rs 575 and upwards. But it still feels steep. Suresh Thomas the head of BMG-Crescendo and now Crescendo agrees. “The price will never be right. The Indian consumer finds Rs 200 for a CD way too high. Preferring to spend Rs 30 for an MP3 CD which holds some 100 odd tracks.”

In this scenario will a download service like iTunes work in India or Asia?
For one I find the prices in US and Uk still too steep. I’d rather walk into a store and pick up a CD with uncompressed audio for less.

Better quality, better sound and of course cheaper.

Where will downloads win?

I guess in back catalogues, out of issue music and independent labels and small groups which are hard to find.

Where else would you find Alms for Shanti