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D-Day March 5, 2010

Yes, it’s official.
Road, Movie is releasing in India on March 5, 2010.
Keep an eye out for theatre listings.
It also opens soon after in Europe, Australia, Far East, Middle East.
USA and UK follows soon after.

It’ll be fun to see what everyone thinks about this one!


The best work is done from facing that blank page and starting all over again.

Playing on iTunes Sénégal Fast Food from the album “Dimanche A Bamako” by Amadou et Mariam

At work

I’m writing my new script. My room at tree top level is a haven in heaven.
No blogging or worldly contact for a while.

My weapons of choice:

Apple Pages 08. Absolutely in love with it. Notes. General Thoughts.
Scrivener. Keith Blount’s beta version was excellent. Excellent full screen mode.
I’m trying it out on this project. Great for Character Notes. Scenes.
MacJournal: Great for storing clippings and reading material.
Screenwriter. Really fast and stable. Awful DOS like interface but light years better than the new one.

Someone time soon I will try to narrow this down to two apps.

In response to questions

In response to all the questions about English, August the never ending saga of the DVD release and future projects I thought I would post an article which I wrote for the journal EVAM. Their inaugural issue had published the entire screenplay of English, August (the shooting script) and an introductory article about the movie.

Read the next post for more.

Apple Computer’s 24×7 Making Movies!

Apple Computers announces their Insomnia Film Festival. Make a film in 24 hours.
The words and language sound so familiar to what I have been doing since 2003 in my movie making program 24×7 Making Movies.

Insomnia is a cool name but open only to students of US colleges above the age of 18.

24×7 Making Movies will always be FREE and open to ANYONE, ANYWHERE below the age of 24!

Ironically Apple has been a technical partner of this program since it’s inception and gave away a 20inch Dual Core Intel iMac to the winner of the program on October 30th, 2006 at the closing ceremony of our 2006 event.

All we say is, Welcome Apple.
Let the movies begin!


The weblog posts are getting erratic. A clear sign that there is work in progress!

I am becoming impatient about the English, August DVD as all of you must be. The new twist in the tail is that most people have asked for a commentary track as well. The plan is to record one with Rahul Bose and include that in the DVD as well. Rahul has time free in November so that’s when we’ll head into the studios.

The 30fps and 24fps audio issues which were delaying the NTSC DVD of English, August have now been resolved by a speedy intervention from the guru of sound Vikram Joglekar also called The Don by his friends, colleagues and disciples.

There’s an interesting history to this and in a line, when Vikram left the shores of India for Italy to head Dolby Labs Italian and European operations he was re-christened The Don.

I met up with him in Rome while attending the First Rome International Film festival with my movie project Road, Movie.

So when will the DVD be out? I’d say Jan-Feb 2007 for sure and this time for download as well on Amazon Unbox, iTunes, Google Video as well as on DVD.

I’m holding my breath!

Feature Film on Math Genius Ramanujan

Stephen Fry the British actor, writer and director and Dev Benegal will be co-writing and co-directing an international feature film on the life of the genius Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan and his friendship with the Cambridge math don G.H. Hardy.

Read the full press release at August Entertainment

Also visit the film’s official website RamanujanTheFilm

Road, Movie official selection at Cannes 2006

Cannes Wreath

There’s been no news lately on this weblog as my original screenplay Road, Movie has been officially selected for Cannes 2006. It will be a part of the Atelier du Cannes.

More news on this soon.

English, August II anyone?

Here’s a question to readers of this weblog.

Would any of you be interested in seeing a sequel of sorts to the story of Agastya “August” Sen?

Upamanyu and I have been toying with the idea of adapting his novel Mammaries of the Welfare State which follows August in his new journey. I just loved the humor in this book. Of the “rare” and “raw” kind rarely seen on film.

If we get a positive response (and of course some cash ;-) then you could see another movie.

Actor’s Workshop

Here’s a glimpse of the place where the 12 week actors workshop begins for my new movie.
Watch out for some sneak peeks here!
We’re cleaning up and getting ready for an exciting journey.