Internet Time Travel

I’m not sure what the title of this post should be but it’s ‘just one of those things!’

I’m listening to a Jazz radio station from Paris TSF Jazz ( while in London writing the script for my next feature. They are playing Cole Porters Night & Day.

I’m suddenly reminded of a dinner in Delhi sometime in the 60’s where this record was playing. My mother came rushing up to me and asked me to switch “that” song off. When I asked why I was told a story which has remained with me.

Over the years I wasn’t sure whether I was imagining the story or if it was true. So I decided on a whim to, you guessed it; Google!

Here’s what I found.

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Fools Gold- my new category

You’re probably wondering why? In my room in front of my desk is a large poster of Bande a Part. It’s from the BFI re-release and Godard based the story on Dolores Hitchens novel Fools Gold.
Well, Fools Gold is my general category about things in, you’ve guessed it- general!