Chris Doyle

My pictures of Chris Doyle when we met in Delhi.
Here’s what Salon has to say of him:

Christopher Doyle may be the greatest cinematographer now working. The movie (Hero) is utterly gorgeous to look at but Doyle’s work is never merely “pictorial.” It always has the dramatic impetus of the scene in mind. He is a master of lighting, shading, hues and precise yet subtle camera movement and is one of the least fussy masters imaginable.

When I sent this to Chris, he responded, “I blush.”

Doyle_Carried Away

Chris Doyle- Carried Away. Photograph ? Dev Benegal 2004

High Class Restaurant

When in Bombay do visit Britannia Restaurant in the Ballard estate district. Famous for it’s Berry Pulao and Lamb cutlets. Make sure you don’t eat for a week before.

Of course you won’t need to eat for a week after as well!

Very atmospheric interiors!

Oh, by the way if you are wondering: the photographs were taken with my ancient Nikon FM2, a Nikor 28mm lens on Kodak 100ASA film. The negatives were directly scanned by Mazda Color Lab in Bombay.

Plan B

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston’s company is called PLAN B.
But I think Will Smith has the best line on Plan B.
Applies especially to life:

No Plan B. It distracts from Plan A.

Working Late again? Wonder why?

Have you seen those TV commercials which show a woman and her two children having a silent dinner all alone waiting for their father. The tag line: Finish work faster, Switch to Windows XP.

Well You want the truth? No matter which Windows he uses he’ll NEVER finish work faster.

Family forget it, he’ll NEVER get back earlier.

I’d suggest he switch to Mac OSX. and really ‘make time for life’!

Music download in Asia

Last week I picked up several CD’s at Rs.295 each. That’s about $6.5 at the current rate. That’s a great bargain from the earlier prices of Rs 575 and upwards. But it still feels steep. Suresh Thomas the head of BMG-Crescendo and now Crescendo agrees. “The price will never be right. The Indian consumer finds Rs 200 for a CD way too high. Preferring to spend Rs 30 for an MP3 CD which holds some 100 odd tracks.”

In this scenario will a download service like iTunes work in India or Asia?
For one I find the prices in US and Uk still too steep. I’d rather walk into a store and pick up a CD with uncompressed audio for less.

Better quality, better sound and of course cheaper.

Where will downloads win?

I guess in back catalogues, out of issue music and independent labels and small groups which are hard to find.

Where else would you find Alms for Shanti

Rain threatens

Where is the rain? Here’s another familiar view and no the colors aren’t just a dazzling sunset but that eerie orange color that cover Indian skies just before the storm.The weather report shows the monsoon hitting Chennai and the Kerala and it looks like Bombay might get it sooner than expected.


Rain Clouds

Early Rain threatens Bombay The image which says it all.


OSX Trojan Horse

OS X trojan can wipe Home directory, not a virus says Apple

An OS X trojan horse masquerading as a Microsoft Office 2004 installer can wipe your Home folder, security company Intego has announced.

The AS.MW2004.Trojan is a compiled AppleScript applet, a 108KB self-contained application, whose icon resembles an Office installer. The script runs a Unix command rm that permanently deletes the entire content of the Home directory.

The trojan was discovered in the UK on a Gnutella peer-to-peer network.

Both Apple and Microsoft warned users about the consequences of installing unlicensed, illegally copied software.

Here’s a quick solution posted by my brother Rahul.

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Fools Gold- my new category

You’re probably wondering why? In my room in front of my desk is a large poster of Bande a Part. It’s from the BFI re-release and Godard based the story on Dolores Hitchens novel Fools Gold.
Well, Fools Gold is my general category about things in, you’ve guessed it- general!


On my way to meet Walter Murch, where he was conducting a ten day workshop at the Film & Television Institute (FTII) here’s what was in front of our car.
Amazing what one comes across in Bombay. The city has this crazy energy which most filmmakers seem to ignore.

Garbage Bollywood style.JPG