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I’ve been away from this weblog for a while.

We’ve been preparing for the US release of Road, Movie. It’s an historic moment and one my cast and team are thrilled about.

But for now here are responses to your questions.

Claudio: Yes the film on Ramanujan is in the works.

Ajay: SBS had the rights to screen English, August. Not issue DVD’s. I’ve written elsewhere about the challenges I’m facing on this. I hope there will be a DVD of English, August sometime soon. In the meanwhile there’s Upamanyu’s book which is my favorite too.

Prasad: I’m trying to convince Sony Music about releasing the soundtrack with Michael Brook’s amazing music. This is a tough one.

Navin: I saw Road, Movie in the cinemas with audiences at different show times. The reaction all across was amazing. I loved that the audience got the story of the film and let themselves go on the ride. It’s a different matter that some reviewers in the Indian media did not get the film. But then I’ve always found that Indian audiences are far smarter than reviewers. We don’t have any critics as yet so until then it’s audiences zindabad. And for me watching my film with an audience is the best film school I could ever go to.

There are few review / essays worth reading from Siddharth Pillai and Chintan-Flying and Mathures Paul.

Ares: Thank you! It’s feedback like this which makes us do what we want to do!

G: Thank you. I love your 9 points. Did you notice that the wall of posters behind the drivers seat has a poster from the film Mela.

Baiscope Wallah: Road, Movie premieres on April 25, 2010 in New York and then is released through Tribeca Films. Visit August Entertainment for all the details on the US release.