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Blood on the Tracks

Behind the Scenes on Road, Movie

Films Road, Movie

The Way to Dusty Death

Behind the scenes on Road, Movie.

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D-Day March 5, 2010

Yes, it’s official.
Road, Movie is releasing in India on March 5, 2010.
Keep an eye out for theatre listings.
It also opens soon after in Europe, Australia, Far East, Middle East.
USA and UK follows soon after.

It’ll be fun to see what everyone thinks about this one!

New Projects Road, Movie

Road, Movie official selection at Cannes 2006

Cannes Wreath

There’s been no news lately on this weblog as my original screenplay Road, Movie has been officially selected for Cannes 2006. It will be a part of the Atelier du Cannes.

More news on this soon.

Films New Projects Road, Movie

Actor’s Workshop

Here’s a glimpse of the place where the 12 week actors workshop begins for my new movie.
Watch out for some sneak peeks here!
We’re cleaning up and getting ready for an exciting journey.