Grand Prix

Turnhout International

Film Festival

Belgium 2000

Best Actor

Singapore International

Film Festival 2000

Special Jury Award

Singapore International

Film Festival 2000

The war for water has just begun on the mean streets of Bombay


Language, Power and Water mingle to question our notions of morality.

How do we define what is right and wrong?

Welcome to Split Wide Open

The worlds of KP and Nan collide.

Rich and Poor.

Evian and an empty tap.

Television sees the lifelines of Bombay; the water pipes that snake through the city.

The war for water has begun and KP isn't going to take it lying.

In a fit if rage against the water mafia don, KP breaks the chains and sets the water free.

He returns home dispossessed of his belongings, his tenement and finds Didi missing.

KP incurs the wrath of the Water Mafia don he works for, when he brokers a deal independently and is brutally punished.

Nan (Nandita) an Indian from London, returns to host an exploitation television show where people come and in darkness talk about their secret sexual lives.

The confessions are funny and sad.

Didi, his adopted ten year old sister stalks the traffic lights selling flowers to earn her next meal

On the hot streets of Bombay KP- a water mafia underling, unlocks taps and sells water to the poor and Evian to the rich.

Searching for Didi on the mean streets of Bombay, KP learns that lost innocence can't be regained while Nan discovers that television is helpless against the tides and temptations of the city.

Until a guest on the show offers a clue about the missing Didi.

In search of Didi, KP gets enmeshed in different worlds from Nandita's show.

Several stories emerge to form a vivid tapestry of the city.

Nan's show becomes popular but the sensational confessions on her voyeuristic TV show are removed from reality and it's still television.

will KP ever find Didi again?