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Sneh Sanyal

Sneh Sanyal passes away

The feisty English teacher who was head of the English department at Delhi Public School, Mathura Road and the spirit behind the famous painter B.C. Sanyal, passed away this morning at 11am at her Nizamuddin residence in New Delhi.
Amma as she was fondly called loved a good read and a good discussion. Passionate about Punjabi theatre, literature, politics and ofcourse the world of art she was the beacon of her family.
My memory of her will always be one of her teaching me grammar; the small green edition of Wren and Martin in one hand while at the same time trying to bake some new exotic bread.
Food and Grammar; what a mix!
The last six months were painful. She had weak hearing and then was struck by a partial paralysis on her left side. Her memory was failing her and the last time I met her I’m not sure she knew who I was.
Her daughter Amba Sanyal, my cousin was one of the few with whom she spoke to till the very end.
For the family, it’s really the slow closing in of an era.
I took this photograph a few weeks ago, when she was still able to speak.
The portrait of hers is by her daughter Amba on the left of this photograph.
Sneh Sanyal.JPG