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Will all this lead to the DVD?

Reader Shashi asks if my simple poll of your favorite scene from English, August will lead to a DVD. Mayur Doshi has his favorite scene. Though Rishi Tandon, Shaswat and Prashant are getting impatient.

I’ve located two 35mm prints of English, August. A reel from them is being sent to various post production facilities in Bombay to determine what they do to restore the film.  I do recall seeing a very good print in Delhi which the Directorate of Films Festivals has. The subtitles were random. The Telugu dialogs especially in the final scenes were not subtitled which made the end difficult to follow. But what this does mean is that the print is “clean” for the most part. Clean in film lingo means without any text or subtitles on the image. This helps in the restoration process.

Once we get the results of the tests I’ll be a step closer towards the end of this process.

I’m planning on writing about the restoration process and also why my film got into this situation.

So let’s say this: 2011 will be a good year.